A large part of me wanted to just let this whole project die.

I thought for a long while and then decided this last weekend that I would revive the site. A short but heated debate with a close friend of mine led me to trying out my app to see what the actual odds were, only to discover that the application was out of date with the old version of Silverlight, and that the Blog site was no longer functional.

In short the site need a shot in the arm (or maybe the face), I spent a few hours upgrading the app it to the latest version of Silverlight, and then I decided that maybe I'll port over all the stuff I built and build a mobile friendly web app from it. I've started building that, I don't have an estimate as to how long that will take, but I'll keep everyone updated here on progress. I also don't really have any stats on how much the hand analyzer has been used over the years, however I absolutely know that I have found it useful on a few different occasions when I was curious as to what the actual odds were in a particular situation.

If one is a curious person, they can sit down and try to work the odds out, I've found this to be a rather cumbersome exercise, and often when I try to figure out exact odds I miss some subtle thing that might occur. Like lets say odds of runner runner winning it. How does this thing change the situation? Missing these subtleties might mean you end up getting the odds slightly wrong, and this can definitely effect your bottom line as a player if you go for years with the odds wrong.

Personally I've found my greatest success at the poker table to be at the Limit Table. If you don't know your odds at limit cards you'll get eaten alive.

It's because of this that this project was initially spawned over 10 years ago. I built it thinking that Silverlight would last forever, now I see that Microsoft has announced that Silverlight will not be supported past 2021. Anyways, the hand analyzer as far as I know only works in Internet Explorer, if you find another browser it is compatible with please let me know.

This blog used to be on, but they decided to change they way they do things, and I'm more technically a little more capable now so I just set up my own blog site that I have 99.9% control over (still using a remote host). So far a few hurdles have needed to be overcome, but (thats not the url, but the name of the project, google it) seems to be pretty solid and stable, so we'll try it for a bit and see how it goes.

Let me know if you are interested in becoming a contributor to the site.


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